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From inner quiet to outward expression. Embolden your self.


Hello and welcome

The Turquoise Tiger Healing Arts Centre is a unique fusion of services providing you with increased sense of joy, expression, connection and improved health through our expert leadership in Chinese Martial Arts and Therapeutic Body Painting.

Our services comprise of taiji (tai chi) classes, workshops and retreats as well as face and body painting for individuals, groups and special events.

Taiji Training is based on the “5 Section Taijiquan” curriculum offered by the Masich Internal Arts Method and is steeped in rich traditional teachings of Yang, Chen, Partner and Sword forms. This practice provides physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health for improved day to day living.

Our Face & Body Painting offers a form of therapy, connection, fun and expression for individuals celebrating where they are in life or recovering from physical or emotional traumas such as breast cancer, depression or loss. We help you find your spark.

Turquoise Tiger can also take these modalities and offer them for active and involved workshops, retreats or speaking engagements.

In deepest stillness, the seed of endless motion.
– Robert Moon

What I can do for you

Taiji training


Ongoing classes teach Taiji movements in an open, relaxed atmosphere. Students usually start with Yang Barehand forms with a focus on learning strong and healthy principles, balance and alignment.


We offer educational and entertaining demonstrations, workshops and stretch breaks for events and workshops. Watch for our annual participation in World Tai Chi day every April!


Taiji is a welcome addition to any health and wellness or corporate retreat. We offer programs that intertwine inspirational and philosophical topics with much needed physical movement throughout the day.

Face & body painting

Kids Parties

Yes! We offer kids parties.  With Ten years experience in painting children’s faces, we are still seeing kids look in the mirror and smile! Birthdays, private and public events.

Graffiti Parties

Great for adult team building, empowerment and fun! We bring the supplies and provide a mini workshop then assist as participants paint on themselves and each other.


The heart of our services. Celebrate where you are in life in joyful, creative expression. From cool photo opportunities to deeply personal healing work. Engage in this experience with you as the masterpiece!

Healing Arts Centre Launch…

In October 2017, we were excited to open the doors of our Healing Arts Studio conveniently located in the central north end of Aurora, Ontario. Here we provide a welcoming location for Face & Body painting as well as group and private Taiji classes and workshops. Our centre is a place of calm and rejuvenation and our clients look forward to being in our space as much as benefiting from the services we provide.

Get in touch now

I would love to hear from you. Please contact me with any questions about classes, events and your journey to health.

~ Wendy Williams