Exercises To Improve Posture & Balance While Waiting In Line

Tips for Improving Posture and Balance while standing in line

Waiting in line? You could check your phone, which usually means poor posture…. or make better use of your standing time and improve posture and balance. In an earlier blog, we looked at ways to improve posture, click here to read more.

Once you have consciously made adjustments and improvement in your alignment, you can try the following exercise.

Practice Shifting Your Weight from One Leg to the Other

It might sound simple, but I mean practice shifting your weight from one leg to the other fully, and almost invisibly. In martial arts practice, we call this, “distinguishing substantial and insubstantial”. Feel one leg being full, rooted and supporting your weight. Feel the other leg empty, as if it’s about to take a step. Then slowly, almost imperceptibly, switch which legs are full and empty.

Surprisingly, this does not mean tilting your hips or straightening one leg to achieve this! Both knees are soft, both feet remain in full contact with the ground but one is fully rooted while the other is barely touching.  All the while, the body remains aligned.

Experiment with this and see how you can change your awareness of balance and weight distribution. Visualize water filling up the leg that is supporting you, once it’s full, have that water rise up and gradually pour down filling the other leg.

The Next Step… Is to Take a Step.

Being fully supported by one leg, sink into it even more and let the empty leg float up a bit without tilting your hips. From your hip socket, it’s free to move in any direction.  Slowly and gently place your foot down as though you are not sure if the floor is solid. Sense the floor with your whole foot. Pour the water down into that leg and let it slowly take your weight as you determine if the floor is strong enough to hold you.


Secret Leg Strengthening

Visually, no one will be able to tell what you are doing.  Meanwhile, you are building leg strength, improving your balance and engaging your mind. It even helps with your patience because you are doing something worthwhile as you wait.

I do this all the time while in line at the grocery store.  Having the cart to hold on to is helpful as you are working toward building up your balance. Maybe one day I won’t care if my public exercising is subtle or not.

Imagine if it was normal and acceptable to get up just about any time or anywhere and have a good stretch or joint rotation? It couldn’t be more annoying than having to hear one side of a conversation as people talk on their phones! I’ll let you know if I get to that point!

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To our health & wellbeing!

Wendy Williams

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