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November | Bone Health

Months of Awareness Series
Turquoise Tiger Healing Arts Centre

Turquoise Tiger Healing Arts Centre donna dee williams therapeutic body painting osteoporosis awareness bone health

In her late 40’s, Dona was diagnosed with osteoporosis. Over 30 years later, she is still active, agile and resilient. “My doctor recommended, at that time, hormone replacement therapy, which I did take for two years but; it was really upsetting to my digestive system, so I started doing research and reading books about ways to increase bone density through natural ways.”

Throughout the years, Dona has used nutrition and supplements to support her health.

Some of the top recommended foods for bone health are dark green leafy vegetables (such as kale and bok choy), citrus fruits, root vegetables, sardines and salmon.   “The latest one I just read on Better Bones Blog was prunes.  Not just the old prune juice but actually incorporating it with other vegetables such as squash.”

donna dee williams Turquoise Tiger Healing Arts Centre tai chi taiji training Aurora

What Advice Can Donna Offer?

When asked what advice she would gives others, Dona suggests, “Do weight bearing exercises, a lot of walking and if you have a mini trampoline, it’s good for building bone mass. Yoga, tai chi, not just once a week but every day.  Every morning I do the sun salutation.”

“Bone Marrow Washing”

In the practice of tai chi, qigong or neigong, there is a reference to bone marrow washing exercises. Here we are moving qi throughout the systems of the body reaching as deeply as the marrow in the bones. As important as the study of movement and breath is the visualization of clear, flowing health through our bodies.

In the great bones of the earth…

Have you ever meandered along a rocky ridge and felt that you are walking on the spine of the earth? Connecting to the earth, feeling how we are part of her cycles and contain the same particles within our bodies, brings us to a larger, clearer picture of health.

Dona comes from a family of artists. Many years ago, her uncle had painted a mountain scene. We used this painting as inspiration for a personalized therapeutic body painting to represent connection to the earth, to past generations and the continual regeneration of our bones. “The mountains in the background represent to me, the structure of our body, the bones.”

To see parts of the interview and body painting process, we will publish a video and link here soon.

There’s a song
In the great bones of the earth
In deep canyons
On high peaks
The song is for us
To remind us
To comfort us
We have our being
In mountains
In rivers
In trees
We are earth’s offspring
The song lives in us
It lives in our bones

– Robert Moon

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To our health & wellbeing!
Wendy Williams

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