Subtle Activism: Coming Together On World Tai Chi & Qigong Day

World Tai Chi Day Newmarket

There are studies designed to observe the effects of prayer and meditation on decreasing violence. These theories have been both proven and debunked.  My point here is not to provide an argument for or against but simply to raise the question with you.

My experience is that we can have positive, uplifting, peaceful attitudes or we can be negative, depressing and hopeless.  I personally prefer to be with people who are the former and optimistic as that helps keep my spirits elevated as well. It can be easy to slide into a sink hole of pessimism we choose to surround ourselves with it.

David Nicol from the Centre for Subtle Activism writes;

Subtle activism is the use of spiritual or consciousness based practices for collective transformation; which distinguishes it from the usual focus of using spiritual practice for personal development. We’re not looking at this as a substitute for external action or the practical action that of course needs to happen in the world, but exploring nonetheless that this approach could form a crucial piece, a foundational piece in the shift that we need to make on the planet.”

“Subtle Activism” is an example of Yin and Yang

As a very basic description, Yin, is described as inward energy. For example, our personal development or quietly coming together.  Yang is outward energy, and in this context, is about the external action or the outward expression. Because of this, the two need each other. And without each other, yin would implode and yang would explode. These dualities are the principle behind all Taijiquan and Taoist philosophy.


World Tai Chi & Qigong Day is an Example of Subtle Activism

Founded by Bill Douglas and Angela Wong Douglas in 1999 in Kansas City, it has now spread to well over 70 nations.  The motto being, “One world…One breath” as people come together in tai chi and qigong with the collective intent of world peace.

This event travels through the time zones on the last Saturday of every April at 10am local time, creating a beautiful wave of collective intent and practice around the world.  We can see the wave begin in Auckland as it is live streamed across the globe until it reaches Hawaii.

With this event, we are provided with many inspiring images of large groups of people practicing this ancient art. Newcomers are always welcome and encouraged to come and learn. It is an excellent opportunity to move along with a group of people and experience what it feels like to be in the midst of this strong and peaceful energy.

Taiji Training will be hosting a World Taiji and Qigong Celebration in Sharon, ON on April 29th.  Join us in our wave of this world-wide experience.  Participants of all ages and levels are welcome.  For more information, please see our Facebook Event, or click here for event details on our website.

We really hope to see you at this exciting event!

For more information on class schedules, please click here. Also, you can follow us on FacebookYouTube and Instagram for meditations and inspirations.

To our health & wellbeing,

Wendy Williams

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