8 Key Tai Chi Moves for Beginners

Class available in York Region!

Learn a series of joint loosening, strength and flexibility warm-ups along with a 8 key movements that serve on their own or as a basis for continued learning in the Yang Family Tai Chi Forms.

“In Wendy’s class every step of the way I always felt that she was able to put herself back in our shoes – the beginner – while at the same time showing us where we were headed. She is thoughtful, careful, slow, methodical and clear; just what I needed. While for sure some steps can be difficult to master, it was always easy following her explanations and modelling. I never felt she was going too fast; she is patient in making sure all class members are on the same page before moving on to the next one. Conveying the concepts and the ancient history behind Taiji  is not easy at the best of times; Wendy has a natural ability to do so. It is obvious she has immersed herself very deeply into this tradition. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

– Dave Waite