Our Curriculum

Our program is based on the 5 Section Taijiquan program developed by Master Sam Masich. “This modular program has been designed to meet the needs of contemporary recreational taijiquan groups and to prepare comitted students for traditional full curriculum taijiquan training.”

Masich Internal Martial Arts Method

Strengthen your body, increase your flexibility, loosen your joints. Training improves your taiji form and enhances your sense of ease and happiness.

Classes are fun and uplifting. Different learning styles are addressed and students are encouraged to improve at their own pace.

Learning about eastern philosophies enhances the physical practice of Taijiquan. They are an informative component of our curriculum.

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Bare-hand Solo Form (Yang Style)

Usually the first form learned within the 5 SectionTaijiquan curriculum, it easily can be extended into the “Yang 24” which is one of the most practiced forms world wide.

Solo Sword Form

A beautiful and dynamic introduction to the use of weapons in traditional training. Practice swords, wooden or metal, are used for this class.

Solo Bare-hand Form (Chen-style)

This form is characterized with more explosive movements exhibiting a more dramatic and powerful effect.

Partner Bare-hand Form

As a complement to the Bare-hand solo Yang style form, the martial applications are demonstrated in the movements between opponents. Partner work greatly improves our understanding of principles and personal practice.

Partner Sword Form

Although its origins are serious, partner sword work is a playful art to learn while greatly improving our personal training.